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    Hey guys,

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with bubble hash, it is a solventless way to extract the trichomes from your flowers or trim. Most systems are a 5 or 7 bag, and consist of agitating either dry or fresh-frozen flowers or trimmings in a bucket lined with the bags in question. You then proceed to pull the bags out, one at a time, and each bag has a higher and higher micron (μ) mesh bottom. Needless to say, the deeper into the bags you get, the higher quality product you get!

    So today, I decided to go to the workshop for a quick little run today, and decided to wash some of my fresh-frozen Quebec Gold (M39 x Friesland) flowers in my BubbleBagGuy bubble hash machine.

    The reason that I prefer fresh-frozen over dry, in this case, is I often end up pressing my 1st quality bubble hash into live rosin. Stay tuned for a thread on that!

    So, went to the freezer, picked a few bags.


    Then loaded the flowers and some ice into the 220μ zipper bag, and ran it for 15 minutes, with water just above the top of the flowers.

    When it finished, I opened the top to find a beautiful concoction!


    Dropped the juice into my bags, and drained 'em out. I personally run a 5 bag system. 220μ, 160μ, 120μ, 75μ and finally 25μ. I tend to keep the 3 last bags on my first pass, and 2 last bags on my 2nd pass.

    Ran it for another 15 minutes and scraped the bags again. Pulled this for 3 zips of fresh-frozen! Not too bad, for the first run of the year!


    I'm especially looking forward to tasting the 25μ from the first pass.


    More to come, stay high, friends!
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    Awesome, will be giving this a try soon!

    That last pic looks so good, mmmmm.
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