Cannabis Seed Trading Rules And Information (Read Me)

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    • Seeds must be gifted to each other, absolutely no money or other items may be involved in a "gifting".
    • Thread title must not contain "Sell" or "WTS". Instead use "WTG" (want to gift).
    • Do not post any information in a thread that allows you to be identified. Take the details of the gifting to private message.
    • Once a trade is completed (you have received your "gift" you MUST update the forum thread with your experience.

    Privacy is key, so I recommend when possible you use an intermediary mailing service such as:
    This allows you to keep your real address hidden, I also recommend not using your name on any package.

    This forum is meant to facilitate safe and easy gifting of seeds, Buds N Beavers in no way guarantees delivery of your items. Any member found to be intentionally scamming or is providing bad information is liable to be banned. False reviews are also a banning offense.

    Created Your Own Strain?

    If you have created your own strain and want to take ownership of it I am working on something that will allow you to do this using a Blockchain project. I will provide more information on it soon. In a nutshell the way it will work is:

    1. You create a digital asset (token). This token is uniquely named and once you have that name another token with same name cannot be created. This is quick and easy done through a web GUI.
    This token can also have sub-tokens created from it, also uniquely named, as an example:

    You have created a strain from Watermelon and Purple Kush and want to call it "Push". You create a main token using a name you want to be known by let's say BillyBean. Now any strain you create and want to claim you create a sub-token like so "BILLYBEAN/PUSH".

    You have just tokenized and claimed your strain! Now when you trade you have the option of sending the receiver one of your strain specific tokens which shows they did in fact receive seed(s) of your strain. This makes you the verifiable creator and nobody else can say they made it or supply seeds of it as they do not own the main token "BILLYBEAN".

    More information on this to come soon.
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