Canadian Cannabis Laws By Province

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    Links to official Cannabis laws for each province in alphabetical order. Will also soon include important points.

    General notes regarding Federal domain, and Provincial domain:

    The Federal government's responsibilities are to set:

    • strict requirements for producers who grow and manufacture cannabis
    • industry-wide rules and standards, including:
      • types of cannabis products available for sale
      • packaging and labeling requirements for products
      • standardized serving sizes and potency
      • prohibitions on the use of certain ingredients
      • good production practices
      • tracking requirements of cannabis from seed to sale to keep it out of the illegal market
      • restrictions on promotional activities
    Provinces and territories are responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining and enforcing systems to oversee the distribution and sale of cannabis. They are also able to add their own safety measures, such as:

    • increasing the minimum age in their province or territory (but not lowering it)
    • lowering the personal possession limit in their jurisdiction
    • creating additional rules for growing cannabis at home, such as lowering the number of plants per residence
    • restricting where adults can consume cannabis, such as in public or in vehicles


    - Legal age: 18
    - Minors: Cannot enter a Cannabis store even if accompanied by and adult.
    - Max you can buy or carry 30 grams (don't take your plants for a walk!). A seed counts as 1 gram
    - Edibles: Illegal to sell
    - Vehicle: Cannot be consumed in any vehicle unless that vehicle is a temporary residence such as a parked RV
    - Consumption: Cannot be consumed at a Cannabis store / outlet. May be allowed in some areas that allow Tobacco.
    - Cultivation: Renters, condo-dwellers and those who live in multi-family dwellings may not be allowed to grow cannabis in their homes. Maximum 4 plants (per house). Must not be visible from any public place.

    British Columbia:
    New Brunswick:
    Newfoundland And Labrador:
    Northwest Territories:
    Nova Scotia:
    Prince Edward Island:
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    Will be making some graphic for each with key points, here is first one.

    Alberta Cannabis Laws Key Points.png

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